Are Instructional Designers Still Relevant?

Training Folks Blog ask the question of “Are instructional designers still relevant” because of the rapid development of new and easy to use E-Learning authoring tools?  With these new authoring tools like Captivate, Articulate, and Lectora any company or school can create virtual training programs thus removing the middle man (instructional designer).  But is it that simple?  No!  The need for instructional design subject matter experts to create seamless E-Learning environments is not something any person can create utilizing authoring tools.

The blog uses the “anyone with a hammer can bang a nail into wood” analogy to set-up the debate of anyone who has access to authoring software can create E-Learning, but an architect or an instructional designer to design that perfect house or E-Learning site.  “The real value is achieved when those tools are part of a big picture approach that matches learning solutions with specific business strategic goals.”

What an instructional designer brings to the table is asking the right questions to translate a company’s needs desires to design the right learning environment for the end user. For example, an instructional designer will submerge into the content and derive enabling learning objective’s that will direct the flow of the curriculum to engage the end user mentally.


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